MedicaRes is a group of professionals who can conduct the course of the first aid in an original and interesting way. In spite of years of experience, we constantly upgrade our professional qualifications. We are also enthusiasts – there are diving instructors, motorcycle buffs, rock climbing amateurs, firefighters and teachers among us.

During the courses we use the methods of activation, problem tasks, simulations of events, work in groups. At role play, we motivate participants to respond quickly and make difficult decisions under pressure. We help them get to know themselves and feel more confident in unplanned situations.

During the training we work with professional equipment used by emergency medical services. We have trained several thousand participants – companies, offices, kindergartens, schools, seniors and individuals.

We also offer team building. We provide medical and fire protection during mass events, concerts and other events. The nature of activities is tailored to customer needs, e.g. we organize trainings in the field using the car wrecks. We also run qualified first aid courses: for services – fire brigade, police, municipal police; for medical staff – doctors, nurses; “Adventure” courses – the science combined with adventure, e.g. rescue in the mountains.

Our courses are in accordance with the guidelines of the European Resuscitation Council 2015 and the Act of 8th September 2006 of State Emergency Medical Services. We issue a course completion certificates recognized by the National Labour Inspectorate. Classes are run throughout the country. We have an entry in the register of training institutions. Registration No. 2.32 / 00062/2012

In order to deliver high quality services, as well as to meet the expectations and needs of our customers, the company MedicaRes Life Support has introduced Quality Policy (see) on 3rd November 2014.

It is a statement of our approach to quality management and our position in relation to customers and competitors.

Quality Policy was established as part of our strategy, which relates to an action, development and improvement of offered services.

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kataKatarzyna Szynal – Paramedic by profession, a graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw, also in the area of Public Health. First aid instructor and pedagogue. A graduate of many training courses, including international, inter alia, European Resuscitation Council, International Trauma Life Support, Advance ACLS. She gained her knowledge and experience by working as a team leader in the Emergency Rescue. She also graduated the course for firefighters and she realizes her desire to help others as a volunteer even “after hours”. She’s a graduate of postgraduate studies at The Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw – field of study: a specialist of health and safety. Currently she’s a student of Nursing. She’s also an author of press releases related to the theme of health and first aid. She participated in many social campaigns aimed at raising awareness and spreading knowledge to help the needy. Her classes are conducted in an interesting and vivid way. She primarily focuses on the practical aspects of the presented issues, limiting elements of the theory to a minimum. Classes run by her are highly rated for the level of knowledge and teaching. Professional work and social activities bring her great satisfaction.

316775_264030726953326_346353813_nAnna Juchno – Office Manager. The first aid Instructor. A graduate of European Resuscitation Council courses.She skillfully uses her large experience, gained in the customer service in a big corporation, to promote the company and take care of its image. She also looks after the quality of trainings and constantly follows the preferences of our customers by taking care of the customization of offers so they can meet customers’ expectations. Privately she’s a big fan of the mountains and the old Warsaw. Contact: Tel: 22 290 51 25, 503 437 499, e-mail:


darek.dropDariusz Drop – Firefighter and Paramedic, first aid & Emergency First Response Instructor. Physical Recreation Instructor in the range of rock climbing. He’s been associated with life saving for years. He’s a committed social activist, a promoter of the idea of the first aid. He’s also the organiser of many social events related to rescuing and the first aid. He’s a real passionate, a good teacher and the driver of the ambulance.
Hobbies: hiking, running (marathon).



Anna Kazusek, – Paramedic, a graduate of the Medical Study Center No. 4 in Warsaw, Medical University of Warsaw and Public Health with a specialization in Emergency Medicine at Medical University of Łódź. BLS / AED European Resuscitation Council Instructor. She participated in many training workshops including Prehospital Trauma Life International Support (PHTLS) and seminars, among others, on “The Impact of the difficult situations on the efficiency of the emergency services.” Runner-up in the Emergency Medical Services of Mazovia 2011. She gained her experience by working in teams of emergency medical services, coordinating the actions in the sub-station and in emergency departments. She co-organized the safeguarding of mass events. For many years she has been directing trainings in basic and advanced first aid for medical and emergency services, including The Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw. She’s an empathic, cheerful person with a positive attitude to the world.

Aleksander_Lipowski (2)Aleksander Lipowski – Emergency First Response Instructor and DAN. He runs the first aid courses for children and adults with a special focus on helping the victims of traffic accidents and diving. He’s an experienced scuba-diving instructor involved in the education of adults and young people at all levels of recreational diving. He’s been also successfully training people with disabilities, giving them the opportunity to dive and overcome their own barriers. Privately he’s in love with motorcycles and motorcycle tourism. He organized many motorcycle trips and projects. He’s also involved in projects and activities to promote road safety. He’s passion is giving others the opportunity to make progress and learn, supporting people in the acquisition of knowledge, motivating to the effort and commitment. He’s an empathic and demanding coach and leader.

Annksiazkaa Książek – Paramedic and a graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw. CPR / AED Instructor. Prepared for teaching, both with children, youth and adults. A biker. Together with the National Road Safety Centre, she took care of a group of motorcyclists-rescuers, conducting field classes of road safety. She cooperates with the police and the foundations of a promotion of road safety. She coordinates medical shows, organized by motorcyclists, thus promoting a positive perception of the motorcyclist-rescuer and their ability to act in urban agglomerations. She is constantly raising her skills by participating in numerous trainings and improvement courses.