Little Rescuer -These classes are arousing the greatest enthusiasm. Through fun, games and quizzes, we teach children the simplest principles of first aid.

Classes are designed for preschoolers and elementary school pupils.

At the workshops „First Aid for Children” – the youngest can learn to recognize dangerous situations, how to call the emergency numbers, what to say to the dispatcher, how to properly give first aid and how to deal with simple situations, such as burns, bleedings from the nose, injuries, etc.

We put the greatest emphasis on the safety of children. Our company promotes the idea of a better visibility on the roads by wearing glares.

At the end, the children receive a diploma „Little Rescuer”, themed coloring books and (optional) glares or reflective vests.

A sample training program of „First Aid for Children”:

  • How to take care of the safety and visibility on the road
  • Important emergency numbers
  • How to call for help
  • How to open the airway
  • How to check if the victim is breathing
  • How to place the victim in the recovery position
  • What to do if the victim is not breathing
  • Exercises using phantoms
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Course title: Little Rescuer – First Aid for Children
Course time: 2 didactic hours (1.5 clock hour)
Place: we train across the country
Price: depends on the number of people
Number of participants: the optimal size of a group is 5-12 people

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